Like great photographs, great brands capture the character and personality of the organisations they represent. We help your brand put on its best face.

Branding & Identity

Research & development

Before developing detailed design concepts, we undertake research both within your organisation and amongst external stakeholders.

We aim to strip the brand back to its essence and uncover new insights into how it is, or could be, perceived and communicated:  its strengths, its weaknesses and its untapped potential.  This way, we are able to construct a robust framework of ideas and values that gives meaning to the design work that follows.

Brand creation

With the wealth of information generated during the R&D phase, we can begin to distil a new visual identity for your organisation. This might include a new logo, as well as colour palettes, usage guidelines and any other aspects of your visual identity.

A parallel process of stakeholder and public engagement and evaluation ensures that our ideas are thoroughly tested and strengthened as they develop.

Brand activation

Once your new identity has been signed off, we begin the work of supporting its implementation throughout the organisation and across all communication channels.

We can foster internal engagement by running brand workshops, not just to cover the practical aspects of logo usage but to help all your people get behind the new brand. We can also help supervise a coordinated roll-out of the new identity across print and online marketing channels.

Brand guardianship

Brands are like living organisms: they need ongoing care and maintenance in order to thrive. Our processes are designed to make it easier for you to maintain great brand integrity, both by implementing the right training materials and brand toolkit, and by empowering ‘brand angels’ within the organisation to keep things on track.

And if you choose William Joseph as a key design partner, defending your brand will be part of our mission.