Whether it’s for use on your website, advertising or live events, a well-made film or animation is one of the most powerful ways to tell your story.

Film & Animation


A face-to-face briefing meeting is often the best starting point, allowing us to get a real sense of what you are looking for. With a solid brief in place, we’ll devise a treatment that fits your needs and makes the absolute most of your budget. We often use animation as a highly creative and cost-effective alternative to live action.


As the project develops, our experienced producers oversee every stage. You’ll see the latest scripts and storyboards throughout their development, giving you lots of opportunities to contribute to the creative process.

Production & post-production

Successful navigation of these central stages of the project relies on meticulous attention to detail. Coaxing the best performance out of an actor or voice artist; commissioning pitch-perfect music and sound effects; polishing animation to the highest level of finesse: we have the skills and know-how to minimise risks and deliver a top-quality finished product.


Our input at the distribution stage will help to ensure your film gets seen by all the right people. We’ll supply it in any required formats, and optimise it for social media sharing.