Great design can turn raw data into meaningful, persuasive communication. We make powerful infographics that get straight to the heart of the matter.


Data mining

Our first job is to get our heads around the data. We dig down until we not only understand it, but start to see the patterns. Keeping the big picture in view, we’ll start to identify the hierarchies, connections and trends that will ultimately allow us to make sense of the raw data.


For data to be compelling to the average audience, it needs to be shaped into a story. What’s the story here, and why are we telling it? Is it a process, a trend, a chain of events? Do we need to educate, to persuade, to move?

Design concepts

Visualising data requires rigorous logic – but not at the expense of creativity. We bring a vast array of tools to the task of finding the best way to make the abstract visible, through our use of colour, font, text, illustration, graphs and charts – and we never forget the power of white space.


Whether the finished infographic is destined to appear in print, on screen, as an animation, or all three, the same level of attention to detail is mandatory. We’ll liaise with you to check and re-check our information, so that the finished article is as accurate as it is impactful.