Form and function are equal and intertwined considerations in web and app design. We don’t believe in compromise: what works best should also be most pleasing to the eye.

Websites & Apps

Discovery & planning

For websites and applications, defining the desired user experience is just as important as finding the right design direction.

During this preliminary phase, we’ll identify technical parameters, current and suggested user journeys and wireframes that provide a roadmap to structure and functionality. You’ll sign these off, along with a budget and timeline, giving us all a solid foundation to work from.

Design concept & development

As we move into the development phase proper, we begin to flesh out the design concept. You’ll see regular proofs as we agree on a site map and design each page, adding photography (from stock or commissioned), illustration and animation where required.

Content development & detailing

As the design stage approaches completion, it’s time for rigorous user testing. Feedback from these tests provides vital insights and helps us to tweak the user experience until it’s just right. You’ll play a key role in this process, which will give you the confidence to sign off on a complete design before we progress to programming.

Programming & promotion

Testing continues as our programmers get to work on the live site or the app proper. We place the content and copy, and guide you through the web hosting and app store approval processes as necessary. If there’s a content management system, we can provide training for your key people.

We’re ready to go live once we’ve completed thorough browser and device testing. Around the launch, we’ll provide essential support for your efforts to promote the new site/app through email, social media and search engine optimisation.