Electric vehicle (EV) charging apps are essential for those fighting climate change, especially if they have eco-friendly batteries. They make it convenient to find nearby charging stations, providing real-time information on what stations are available and what time is best to plug into the grid.

Without these apps, you can be left with less money, stuck in charging station queues, and an empty EV battery. Getting the right app for your charging experience is more important than ever, as the UK government has invested £1.6bn to expand the EV charging network.

Here is our breakdown of the eight best apps that offer a range of features and price points to meet your needs as an EV owner. You’re doing your part; now it’s time to do ours.

1. PlugShare


PlugShare helps you find, share, and review EV charging stations. It’s easy to use and has a massive database of charging stations. You can log start and end times, energy consumed, and costs.

When you open the PlugShare app, you’ll see a map with charging stations. It shows public stations and home chargers. You can search for locations or areas you’re interested in. Each station has icons for the charging network, connector types, and real-time availability.

If you have a disability, you can use this app to single out facilities that fit your needs; on our blog, we cover what these inclusive EV charging stops look like.

If you’re planning a trip, PlugShare has you covered. It helps you find charging stations along your route. Just input your starting point and destination; the app will show you charging options based on distance, speed, and availability.

1st image: 'Find EV charging stations' 2nd image: 'View PlugScore availability and photos' 3rd image: 'Check out charging tips' 4th image: 'Filters for your vehicle'
PlugShare helps you find charging stations along your route. Source

PlugShare is free to download for both Apple iOS and Android. Its extensive charging station database and user-friendly approach make it the go-to app for EV owners to find and share information about charging stations.

2. EV.energy


EV.energy helps you manage and optimise your EV charging while putting you in control of how much money and energy you spend.

With the help of EV.energy, you can schedule your charging to take advantage of off-peak electricity rates. All you have to do is set the app to charge your EV when electricity costs are lower, giving you the best value for money.

The app also considers the carbon intensity of the grid. It analyses data on the grid’s carbon emissions and suggests the best times to charge your EV when the grid is using cleaner, greener energy sources.

Ev.energy offers flexible pricing plans to meet your needs. You can choose between a free basic plan or an upgrade to premium for advanced features. It operates as a pay-as-you-go model and has no hidden costs to catch you by surprise.

3. Zap-Map


With Zap-Map, you can access real-time information on available charging stations, guaranteeing you can find a free spot anytime. The navigation feature is easy to use; just input your destination, and the app will tell you the best charging stations along your route.

Zap Map goes into detail about what to expect from each charging point
Map of the area showing pin points of nearby EV charging stations.

The app goes into detail about what to expect from each charging point. It includes rapid EV chargers and slower-speed options, giving you options to suit your needs. Detailed information about charging points is given by other Zap-Map users. Each station’s data can be shared and updated in real-time with insights.

Zap-Map is compatible with a wide range of charging networks, providing a vast selection of stations. It supports major networks like:

  • Polar

  • Tesla Superchargers

  • Charge Your Car

Zap-Map offers integration with payment platforms to initiate and complete charging sessions in-app. The seamless payment process removes the requirement for separate apps and accounts.

4. GeniePoint


GeniePoint allows you to locate and manage EV charging stations effortlessly. It’s easy to use and has plenty of features for EV drivers to have a smooth ride. Its intuitive map interface has real-time information about each charging spot.

GeniePoint is the EV charging partner of Morrisons, a well-known supermarket chain in the UK. They have installed and operate charge points at several Morrisons sites, making it convenient for shopping errands.

GeniePoint is the EV charging partner of the UK supermarket Morrisons. Source
GeniePoint EV charger at a grocery store parking space with a car plugged into it.

Registering for the GeniePoint network is free, and it is easy to sign up and start using straight away. The payment functionality is straightforward and can be done through the Zap-Pay feature enabled throughout all GeniePoint charging locations.

If you’re old school and prefer paying physically, you can use an RFID card to access GeniePoint charge points. Registering for an RFID card is easy; just sign up on the GeniePoint website.

5. Tesla

If you are a Tesla owner, the Tesla EV charging app is a must. It provides seamless access to Supercharger networks and enhances the overall charging experience.

Monitoring your charging process is a breeze. You can actively track the charging status of your electric vehicle, stay updated with the estimated remaining charging time, and receives notifications when charging is complete.

Real-time availability and the nearest charging stations are easily found through the app. It will behave like a trip planner and take you to your chosen public charging stations with an accessible route.

1st image: Showing the user's car with it's details below it such as music, software update, and climate. 2nd image: Top down view of the car showing heating controls. 3rd image: Shows the battery of the car and how much is left in it. 4th image: A top down view of Washington St, showing nearby navigation.
If you are a Tesla owner, the Tesla EV charging app is a must. Source

Personalising your charging experience is made simple through the Tesla app. Having this flexibility allows you to:

  • protect battery health

  • optimise charging efficiency

  • save costs

  • reduce environmental impact

Payment is quick and easy and is all done through the app. Tesla owners get free access to these features, and are downloaded straight from the app store without hidden fees.

6. WhenToPlugIn

WhenToPlugIn on the App Store

Created by National Grid, WhenToPlugIn’s goal is to maximise your charging efficiency and convenience by notifying users of the best time to plug in their electric car. Doing this saves money and cost and should be among all EV owner’s favourite charging mobile apps.

A woman is holding a smartphone showing WhenToPlugIn on the screen. Displaying the best time is between 12:00pm and 2:00pm to plug in and charge.
Created by National Grid, WhenToPlugIn’s goal is to maximise your charging efficiency

You can schedule charging sessions based on when you want to leave for your road trip or errand, so you’re never stuck waiting. Electricity rates, charging speed, and your vehicle’s battery capacity are all considered to find the best time to plug in.

As well as useful features, the app offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set your preferences by customising your charging schedule to fit your daily routine and energy limits. You’ll never miss an appointment again as it will let you know if you forget to charge during a time when you have routinely in the past.

WhenToPlugIn supports a wide range of EV models and provides compatibility with various plug types and stations.

7. EVgo


The EVgo app is a must-have for any EV owner in the United States. It connects you to an extensive network of over 850 DC fast chargers. With the app, you can easily locate nearby compatible charging locations.

The app is very easy to use, too; it offers turn-by-turn directions and guides you through the best route to your chosen charging station. A charging session begins through the app, and if you have any issues, customer service can be contacted straight away.

EVgo connects you to an extensive network of over 850 DC fast chargers in the US
Someone holding a smartphone with the EVgo app displayed on it. 'Plug-in and Confirm Your Session'.

EVgo also partnered with Amazon to integrate Alexa-enabled functionality into the app. This collaboration means you can use voice commands to find, schedule, and pay for charging sessions, adding a new level of convenience to your EV charging experience.

EVgo’s pricing plans are varied to suit unique preferences and budgets. The pay-as-you-go option is where you pay for charging on a per-minute basis. Alternatively, EVgo offers a basic membership program that requires a monthly pre-payment of £3.97.

8. ChargeHub

ChargeHub on the Play Store

ChargeHub is another great option for EV owners in North America. Like many other apps on this list, it provides extensive filtering and customisation options to find the best charging spot. You can refine the search by adjusting the price, location, and type of chargers.

One of ChargeHub’s most impressive features is its ‘passport’ function. You gain access to a wide range of charging stations from various providers, all within the same app. This integration means you can easily locate, navigate, and use charging stations across different networks without needing separate apps or accounts.

One of ChargeHub’s most impressive features is its ‘passport’ function - you gain access to a wide range of charging stations from various providers, all within the same app
'Public charging made simple'  'Try ChargeHub Passport' button is shown below.

You can also communicate with other EV users through the app with a built-in messaging system. This feature asks others to unplug their car, ask questions, and coordinate charging schedules.

ChargeHub integrators with popular navigation apps, including Apple Maps and Google Maps, provide accurate directions to any charging facility you are trying to get to.

Key takeaways

Since there are many options to choose from, there are certain things you should look for in an EV charging app to help narrow down your search.

Look for an app that provides wide charging network coverage to increase your chances of finding available stations and avoid running out of battery. The best apps also offer route planning features, suggesting convenient charging stations along your journey for hassle-free trips.

A user-friendly interface allows you to navigate the app effortlessly, locate charging stations, and access real-time information without confusion or frustration.

Lastly, pay attention to pricing and multiple payment options to control charging expenses and avoid unexpected fees. Pricing is a major roadblock that keeps people from using EVs. For insight into this issue, visit our blog post about bridging the EV affordability gap.