Craft CMS developer

£400–£450 / day freelance
£40–£50k permanent (pro rata)
(3 days / week)

Fully remote position in the UK with periodic travel

About the role

We work predominantly with Craft CMS and as such are looking for an experienced and established developer with knowledge of Craft CMS. You should be a PHP developer who is comfortable extending Craft, integrating with third-party APIs and services, as well as being able to help us to improve aspects of our DevOps. As a small team, we also need you to be proficient with front-end development including writing accessible mark-up in Twig and styling with Tailwind CSS.

You need to be comfortable working in an agency environment as part of - and contributing to - an efficient and collaborative in-house development team. You will need to be able to communicate effectively directly with clients, project managers, and designers.

Below are some skills that we are looking for;

  • Strong PHP skill set, with specific experience extending Craft CMS

  • Experience interfacing and authenticating with external APIs from PHP

  • Writing accessible front-end markup with Twig

  • Translating a design system from Figma into efficient Tailwind CSS

  • Version control, collaborative software development, and CI/CD fundamentals

  • Presentational JavaScript

  • Bolstering our DevOps and SysAdmin efforts (LAMP stack)

  • Ability to participate actively in a small, welcoming organisation as part of an efficient lean development team


As a company, we have made an active effort to not recruit based on CVs or previous employment. We are far more interested in learning about your experience and what you think you can bring to our team.

As such, if you feel like the above overview could be in any way a decent fit for you, then we would encourage you to get in touch and have a conversation with us.

We would like you to send us an email with;

  • Examples of two websites or applications that you have worked on and are proud of. Sharing why you are proud of them and providing bullet-point list of some of the technology and approaches you applied in these builds

  • An example of a project you developed in collaboration with others (it can be the same as the above) and what you felt made that collaboration work well.

  • An example of a technical challenge you’ve encountered on a recent project and what your learned that experience which you think is relevant to this role

You will likely interact with James Gadsby Peet - our Director of Digital - and Jonny Kates - our Tech Lead. If you are invited to an interview, we will pay you for your time.

Please apply by filling out this form. We will close applications on the 4th of June.

Who we are

We are a B Corp that designs inclusive products, services and brands for people working for positive change. Our clients are all charities, universities or social enterprises.

Some of our recent projects include:

As a certified B Corp, we are legally bound to consider people, planet and profit when making decisions. Our impact report is a deep dive into the impact that those decisions are having on the world around us.

We’ve recently evaluated our impact from last year, looking at the work we delivered for clients and the work we’ve done on ourselves. There’s lots more to do and we’re actively looking for someone who can help us achieve more

We’re a small but effective team that collaborates constantly. We can handle complex briefs, because all our people operate at a high level, whilst being expert in the best practices that produce great creative work. You can see more about us all here:

And the kind of things we talk about through our ‘What we learned this week’ LinkedIn newsletter:

What our clients say about our work

“William Joseph are the first digital agency I’ve worked with that actually deliver what you need, give the right amount of challenge, and work in partnership with us as an extension of our team.”

“William Joseph have felt more like an extension of our team throughout the process; happy to challenge when needed but always pushing the project forward. We couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

“A huge thank you to the team – you’ve all been amazing and it’s a real achievement that we’ve stuck to our deadlines. This is the first website redevelopment I’ve worked on that hasn’t slipped timings-wise!”

What our team say about working here

“Happy to be one of the ‘remote recruits’. It’s not for everyone, but as well as reducing our emissions, the benefits of remote-working for William Joseph are also increasing the number of people and diversity of perspectives that can be a part of our team. In turn, we hope this will improve the quality and inclusiveness of the solutions we create for clients.”

“My job has been a game-changer for us and I'm forever grateful for William Joseph (B Corp) for truly embracing flexible and remote working. They have recognised that organisations need to evolve and adapt to facilitate flexible working and make sure it works for everyone, regardless of life stage and situation. The result is a tight, supportive, highly trusting team who connect with each other and want each other to all bring their best to work. It's ace. Love my job, love where I live. Very happy to be logging into work today and wanted to share these good vibes this morning”

“Right from my first day, William Joseph trusted me to make the decision about where I work. Working outside the UK gave me some much-needed time with family after we were separated by the pandemic.”

What other benefits you’ll get

  • Paid for mentoring to develop your leadership skills

  • Flexible working approach - choose working patterns that suit you

  • Fully remote (with occasional visits to clients and quarterly team meetings)

  • Regular team activities to build relationships and take a break from work

  • Enhanced Family Leave and Pay - 12 weeks at full pay and 27 weeks 25% pay

  • A commitment to Equal Opportunities and Diversity policies within our team

Please apply by filling out this form. We will close applications on the 4th of June.