To reduce our carbon footprint, we have been proactively calculating the carbon that we emit as a team for the year.

Impact measured against UN Sustainable Development Goals

11 sustainable cities and communities S 12 resposible consumption and production S 13 climate action S
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If we know more about where we are generating carbon, then we can come up with more specific and effective ways to reduce it.

It also enables us to offset more accurately what we generate - however, this is secondary to our ambitions of reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Our ambition is to create a system where we can be as effective in budgeting for carbon as we are for money when planning projects and activities.

Where our different sources of carbon emissions came from in 2022


Unsurprisingly, most of the carbon we have emitted as a team come from our the heat and electricity we use in our homes whilst at work.

A significant proportion comes from the digital tools we use for our day to day activities and the laptops or computer equipment we purchased this year.

This is all significantly below the 30,000 kg we were emitting when commuting into the office - even with a significantly smaller team.

What’s next?

We are exploring a range of partners, who can help us to implement a carbon accounting system. A professional system would allow us to monitor our impact on a more granular level and involve the whole team in our efforts to reduce our footprint.

We are also testing micro generation for home offices with Chris - to understand the impact and cost of such systems for the wider team.