Ashden rewards and promotes excellent local sustainable energy solutions in the UK and the developing world.

What we did

  • Identity
  • Digital strategy
  • Website
  • Printed materials
  • Trophy design
  • Sub-brand development

We pride ourselves on building client relationships that last, and we’ve worked with Ashden since they started in 2006. Since then we’ve developed the charity’s branding, yearly award campaigns, literature and website.

By becoming ever closer to Ashden’s audiences and mission, we have found our work with them increasingly effective and efficient. Through the website project in particular we were uniquely placed to work across their entire organisation to understand their goals, whilst bringing the voice of their users into the room. This has resulted in numerous projects that both we and Ashden are proud to call our own.
The Awards campaigns are kept intentionally abstract to cast a net as wide as possible – Ashden winners can range from solar initiatives in the developing world to cloud-based systems that identify energy efficiencies in modern office buildings.

Working with William Joseph is a pleasure. They combine professionalism and creativity with good old-fashioned common sense and have consistently gone the extra mile to find the right creative solution to whatever problem we throw at them.

Joanna Walton, Director of Communications and People, Ashden

The highly sought-after Ashden trophy is carved from sustainable English oak.
We’ve designed all of Ashden’s print materials, from fundraising literature to impact reports.
The LESS CO2 sub-brand and website were created to feel like a part of the Ashden family, but with specific elements which spoke to the particular audience it targets.
We created an identity to celebrate 10 years of Ashden.