Better content means more relationships that help people and organisations champion a better way of life

What we did

  • User research
  • Content strategy
  • Audience personas
  • Training and capability building
  • Website design and build

Bioregional have been partnering with organisations for over 25 years, to help them champion a better way of life. They do this through a variety of services, frameworks and on the ground engagement.

Their brief was clear that the goal was to improve their entire organisation’s capability to meet their partners’ needs, through the use of digital. This was not simply a website redesign.


Since launch, their new digital presence has seen an impressive return on their investment:


increase in content pages viewed per session


increase in time spent viewing content


reduction in bounce rate on key content pages


increase in unique page views

William Joseph were a dream to work with. They always gave considered answers to our many, many questions and helping us to meet our objectives was priority number one, but they also weren’t afraid to challenge us to think about things in new ways.

Emmelie Brownlee, Communications Manager, Bioregional

As with any good communications project, we started by gaining a better understanding of the audiences that were being targeted. Social research showed that different groups needed to engage with different parts of Bioregional, and giving them a simple journey to do so was key for the website’s success.

In parallel to developing our understanding of Bioregional’s audiences, we also worked hard to better understand the knowledge in the organisation. By running workshops with groups from across Bioregional, we started to bring people along with us to help them accept the changes inherent in a new capability.

William Joseph set the tone for this project by involving key people – including our CEO – in our initial audience definition workshop and we continued this engagement throughout.

Emmelie Brownlee, Communications Manager, Bioregional

A key goal of the project was to help the communications team to better create and maintain content on their digital channels. The first step in this process was a process which drove them to choose a single goal for each content page, matching organisational goals with user needs.

Key performance indicators were set for each piece of content created. These went beyond the standard digital metrics to give a genuine sense of quality. Two core measures were:

  • Percentage of traffic that uses the ‘get in touch’ form on every case study
  • Percentage of traffic that downloads a resource on a service page

Each part of the site is built to allow flexibility and future proofing, with the designs flexing as new teams create and develop content. Iterations of templates and content types can be done at pace and reduced cost, given investment in the design system has already taken place.