Refocusing on what makes the Pink Ribbon Walk special re-energised the brand, while differentiating it in a crowded marketplace.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Communications

The Pink Ribbon Walk has been a part of our nation’s fight against breast cancer for almost 20 years. Started by the sector-leading Breast Cancer Care in 1999, the events are a unique proposition which have an incredibly strong fundraising performance.

However, over the last couple of years, the identity of the campaign had been diluted by attempts to compete with the larger players in the market. Breast Cancer Care came to us looking for a refreshed brand, which could more effectively communicate the incredible qualities of the event, in order to attract more participants who could raise funds for their amazing work.

We worked with specialist events fundraising agency Massive, to define what it was that made the Pink Ribbon Walks so special. Speaking with the Breast Cancer Care team, it didn’t take long to understand that the personal challenge of the event and the idea that it can be overcome by the care and support of others, was integral to its appeal.

The outcome of the strategic process was a series of aims that should be reflected in the new campaign identity:

  • Communicate the challenge that the participant is undertaking – a 10 or 20 mile walk rather than a run or marathon
  • Reflect the high-quality nature of the event experience
  • Emphasise the unique settings the events take place in
  • Bring through the ‘why’ more – walking together to face breast cancer



87% of surveyed participants agreed that the new identity accurately reflected their experience of the event, a 61% increase on the previous brand

From this proposition we created a new identity that refocused the campaign to be better targeted to those who had enjoyed it in the past.

Working within the existing identity guidelines, we used the lightest weight of Betty to shift the event into a more significant high-value proposition, and appeal more to the target audience. A connecting thread runs through the mark, evoking walking routes and a ribbon.

The statement ‘support with every step’ looks to bring to the fore all those people who have been involved in the Pink Ribbon Walk in the past and all the women who will benefit from it in the future. The connecting ribbon device uses the Breast Cancer Care gradient, emphasising the journey being taken.

Various considerations in the choice of imagery were made to differentiate the event from other ‘pink’ walks and runs:

  • Showing lots of countryside/the picturesque locations
  • Long lines of pink shirts/avoid showing general members of the public where possible
  • Emphasis on walking and togetherness, not solo people running
We have built a kit of parts to be used by the Breast Cancer Care team across digital and print channels.