A modular approach to content design allows Breast Cancer Care to create bespoke campaign pages while retaining a consistent experience with the rest of their site.

What we did

  • Content strategy
  • User-experience design
  • Information architecture
  • User testing
  • Visual design

As the only specialist UK-wide charity in the UK providing care, support and information to anyone affected by breast cancer, Breast Cancer Care helps thousands of women each year.

In order to meet this need, they must raise millions of pounds every month. As such, the fundraising pages of their website are extremely important to them.

We were asked to create a new top-level navigation for the website, while also delivering a refreshed user experience and design for key fundraising pages.

Of particular focus was the landing page for Breast Cancer Care’s Big Pink campaign. Using the existing brand assets as a starting point, we have pushed their digital presence further than they have ever done before.

This page and the others we designed, allow each campaign to have a defined identity of its own, while still feeling a part of the Breast Cancer Care website.

This was achieved by designing a dozen or so different content modules which can be utilised and rearranged as needed depending on the campaign or page type.

This enables the charity to create a consistent supporter experience for those individuals looking specifically at campaign content, while making the most of their master brand to encourage people to take part.

We used to have teams creating a microsite for every campaign in the charity. This was a huge problem from a user experience and content point of view. Since we’ve created these new templates we’ve had far fewer requests for these.

Rebecca Peters, Product Manager, Breast Cancer Care

Content modules such as quotes, stats, images, and calls to action can be arranged as necessary by the team.

Teams are now able to support the identities of each campaign, while providing the joined up user experience of our main site, all in one. This should lead to increased conversion while removing many of the SEO challenges of duplicate content.

Rebecca Peters, Product Manager, Breast Cancer Care