Redefining what a chartered institute looks like, engaging their members and energising their mission.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Communications

Representing fundraisers across the UK

Fundraisers range from those working in large dedicated teams for big organisations, to those working on their own where fundraising is only one aspect of their role. They work across multiple sectors for a huge number of different causes, are based all over the UK and come from a wide range of backgrounds.

The newly Chartered Institute of Fundraising represents them all: at government policy level, in raising professional standards, in local events and training, and in enticing the fundraisers of the future to join in. The new brand had to encompass and reflect the diverse membership and offering of the Chartered Institute.

It has been a real pleasure working with William Joseph on our rebrand. Acting as a feedback mirror throughout the process, they have helped us focus on who we really are and have delivered a brand that we can be really proud of.

Ceri Edwards, Director of Engagement and External Affairs, Chartered Institute of Fundraising

Chartered, not stuffy

Through an extensive process of workshops, interviews and co-creation with staff, members and non-members across the country we focused the Chartered Institute’s biggest asset and key mission into a single positioning statement that aligns all aspects of their work.

[Market position: offering; perception]
[Survey keywords: non-members, members]

The Chartered Institute’s positioning is focused on their strong membership base with one eye on the future.

This allows them to be both anchored in current support and representation, but also forward-facing, allowing the organisation to grow, lead the industry and face new challenges together.

A badge of pride and a seal of excellence

From the positioning work we developed a set of values that will inform all of the Chartered Institute’s communications:

  • Pride and passion: inspiring members to be proud fundraisers
  • People: putting people first and foremost in all the Chartered Institute’s work
  • Coming together: encouraging collaboration and diversity in everything the Chartered Institute does
  • Chartership: representing the highest standards of excellence in fundraising

The new logo mark combines these values into a symbol that provides both a badge of pride and representation for fundraisers, and an authoritative seal to signify excellence and professionalism.

Collaborative diversity

Building on the positioning statement, we developed the visual identity around the idea of ‘collaborative diversity’. This idea allowed us to bake into the brand some of the multi-faceted personality of both the Chartered Institute and its members, and showcase the passionate work fundraisers do.

Flexing to fit the message

The identity has flexibility built in, to speak to the wide range of audiences who rely on the Chartered Institute for leadership, support and representation. From board level to new recruits, the identity’s kit of parts dials up and down to energise, advise and entice according to the most appropriate messaging.

Audience message and communications tone were plotted together on a matrix to help the Chartered Institute create appropriate brand executions depending on their communications needs.

Setting the Chartered Institute free from their old restrictive and monolithic brand allows them to grow with new ideas, members and challenges and treat their identity as something that will grow along with them.

Digital-first design

The initial use of the new brand was to rebuild the Chartered Institute’s website in line with their users’ needs, making it accessible to all. This was an extensive process given the number of audiences the Chartered Institute speaks to. The brand platform allowed us to achieve this both visually and through copy thanks to its flexibility and alignment to peoples’ needs.

William Joseph led key discussions that have helped us find a path to a new identity for the Institute and we really feel like we have become part of their dynamic and creative team.

Ceri Edwards, Director of Engagement and External Affairs, Chartered Institute of Fundraising