Putting Locality’s members at the forefront of the identity creates a more vibrant and positive look and feel.

What we did

  • User research
  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Design guidelines

To begin with it was hard for us to fully understand what exactly Locality did; there were a lot of moving parts and different services on offer. Through workshops and talking with their users, it became clear that the value of Locality’s work is in the support they provide their membership and how that empowers local communities.

This idea formed the core of the brand refresh, making heroes of Locality’s members and extolling their determination and positive impact, rather than focusing internally on the organisation.

Typography is at the heart of the identity refresh. To streamline the process, the typography was simplified to a single typeface. The choice of font is friendly, straightforward and open, while retaining some of the flowing connectivity of the previous choice.


This is particularly evident in the new logo. Locality were not looking for a complete overhaul of the design so we retained the angled box-device and teal colour, while removing the other colours and tints in the logo to simplify recognition and reproduction.

Taking the current teal, white and slate grey colours as a starting point, we brightened and invigorated the palette with bold secondary and supplementary hues.

The 12° angle of the logo was built upon to create a visual framework that gives a feeling of dynamism and a sense of coming together.

The whole team at William Joseph spent time with us at Locality so they could get to know us, our priorities and how we think. This meant they were able to come back with an identity that felt right, whilst pushing us to think differently about our brand – which was spot-on first time.

Tara Anderson, Director of Engagement, Locality