We got to know the Foundation inside and out to ensure their brand communicated their passion and mission in a way that includes and inspires their grant recipients.

What we did

  • Brand audit, strategy and identity
  • Content strategy
  • Usability testing
  • Website design and build

Impact measured against UN Sustainable Development Goals

10 reduced inequalities S
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Paul Hamlyn Foundation have built a reputation for working with the individuals and organisations they fund to build long-term, supportive and equitable relationships. This focus on enabling their grantees’ missions runs through the whole organisation.

Their visual identity didn’t reflect the warmth and support inherent in the organisation or how it operated and created a disconnect between the organisation and how it was branded.

By spending time getting to know a range of prospective grantees’ needs and speaking to existing stakeholders to understand the Foundation’s process, we were able to build the brand out to connect the two points of view – through both language and visuals.

Through co-creation, testing and iterating with the team, we created a new shared language for articulating their mission. The new visual toolkit builds on their existing recognition and reputation to help communicate their offer to the people who need to hear it most.

Brand audit

We began the project by working with the team to understand their current brand challenges in conjunction with a brand audit that scored against their specific mission and communications objectives that we had created together.

The co-created brand objectives were:

  • equity by design

  • a digital-ready brand

  • a joyful brand that embodies outcomes

  • expanding the identity to celebrate diverse voices

  • serious doesn’t have to be solemn

Our brand audit looked in-depth at colour, typography, imagery, graphic devices and data visualisation.

Embedding strategy into the brand

Through a series of workshops, we worked with the PHF team to bring their strategy to life in a more personable and human way. By breaking down their strategy into different steps, we were able to guide them through a co-writing process to allow them to communicate better with their audiences and use shared language to engage them better.

A co-writing session was held with the PHF team to surface the natural language they use to describe themselves and their mission.

Designing a new voice

We brought their boldness, warmth and respected reputation to life with a set of carefully chosen typefaces. These allow their message and tone to shift according to the audiences they needed to speak to most – from people working in communities who are passionate about their mission, all the way through to the boardroom.

An energetic visual toolkit

With the brand leveraging their ‘PHF’ logo and centring a bolder tone of voice, we created a supporting set of elements that inject energy and joy back into the brand. A new colour palette, a set of background textures, inclusive photography guidelines and a bespoke icon set gives the refreshed brand lots of flexibility while still remaining accessible and recognisable.

A new website that serves both users and the brand

The website was created alongside the new brand to ensure accessibility was built-in from the ground up. Making best use of the digital-first brand was key – being sure to marry rigorous user testing and usability with the Foundation’s new emboldened visuals and tone of voice.

Strong, simple copy anchors the site and expresses the tone of voice and new brand across key calls to action and headers.