By focusing on the human side of how Q operate, we showcased their greatest asset.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Workshops
  • Visual identity
  • Brand guidelines
  • Communications

Impact measured against UN Sustainable Development Goals

03 good health and wellbeing S 04 quality education S 09 industry innovation and infra S 10 reduced inequalities S 16 peace justice and strong institutions S
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Q is a long-term Health Foundation initiative to support individuals in fostering continuous and sustainable improvement in health and care.

To achieve this they create opportunities for people to come together and form a community, sharing ideas, enhancing skills and collaborating to make health and care better.

Building an effective community

The community is made up of a wide range of people including those at the front line of health and social care, patient leaders, managers, researchers, commissioners, policymakers and others.

The Health Foundation wanted to make Q an even more effective community, by bringing an even more diverse set of people together. They also wanted the full value of these members to be recognised by decision makers in the healthcare system.

With more perspectives involved and understood, they aim to use the influence and expertise of the community to improve healthcare across the country.

We loved William Joseph’s approach to using audience insight to help make decisions while developing and testing the brand collaboratively. This meant that we could have real confidence in the new brand and know it will help us meet our organisation’s goals.

Faye Goldman, Associate Director of Communications and Engagement, Q

User insight

Through a combination of quantitative and qualitative research, we began to get a sense of the major challenges and opportunities for Q.

These key findings needed to be resolved to create a consistent, coherent brand narrative that would further grow the community and its reputation of quality.

Quote: Quote: Sometimes it feels  like there’s a difference between unchallengeable  best practice and  working together to figure things out
Quote: Q is diverse… I’m working with the same people  all the time in my work, but engaging my network at Q, the power balance disappears… I reach a very diverse and useful audience
Quote: Sometimes it feels like Q is only for ‘proper’ improvement people

Inclusivity versus elitism

One of the most important findings was the tension between inclusivity and elitism. There is an in-depth admission process to pass in order to become a member of Q, which for many is seen as gatekeeping.

For those in the community, the quality of dialogue, advice and influence far surpasses any other groups. Communicating the professionalism, diversity and community of members became key to overcoming the appearance of exclusivity and elitism.

Positioning statement

Boiling down Q’s messaging to a key positioning statement allowed us to highlight the diversity of the community and the benefits that it brings to the entire healthcare industry.

We co-wrote, workshopped and tested the statement with a wide range of members, stakeholders and partner organisations to ensure it was speaking both to and for the community as a whole.

Together, to improve health and care

Tone of voice principles

How Q speak about themselves and to their members is at the heart of the brand. By focusing on the human side of how Q operate, we were able to showcase their greatest asset.

Tone of voice principle 1 - we are open and inclusive
Tone of voice principle 2 - we speak with purpose
Tone of voice principle 3 - we share expertise with our members
A series of red rhombuses orientated in a Q shape

Identity system

The visual identity is based around a system of assets that combine to create a brand that reflects the diverse membership and range of work of Q.

While the logo remains a key signifier and anchor for the overall system – echoing the parent Health Foundation brand – it’s not the sole asset and is considered just one aspect of an overall kit of parts.

Q brochures all sit on a light pink background, with bolder greens, blues and purples used to highlight important points or graphics

A truly accessible brand

As a largely digital community, focusing on creating a digital-first brand was a strong part of the project from the start. By designing an accessible suite of colours, more people can engage with the community, leading to a more diverse set of views within the group.

The Q brand pallet is made up of striking bold colours - which can be used in different combinations whilst still being accessible
The Q colour pallette was extensively tested to create a suite of combinations which still provided enough contrast for people to see

To ensure that the community is a home for everyone every day, data visualisation and information graphics have also been designed to ensure that they are visible to people with a wide range of visual impairments. These considerations include:

  • ensuring numeric data is displayed next to any visual representation
  • not relying on a colour-coded chart legend
  • ensuring colours used meet contrast standards
  • separating all segments of a chart with whitespace
Q's data visualisation screens use bright blues, purples and pinks to stand out
Rules were set for the data visualisation to ensure they were accessible and easy to read