Key infographics form the basis of the identity for the RSA’s Inclusive Growth Commission.

What we did

  • Identity
  • Data visualisation
  • Reports
  • Interactive CARTO maps

The RSA’s Inclusive Growth Commission seeks to understand and identify practical ways to make local economies across the UK more inclusive and prosperous, devising new models of place-based growth. We were asked to develop the Commission’s identity and report design.

The project was led through the development of key infographics, designed to work across both digital and print. Interactive CARTO maps allow online readers to interrogate the data in more depth.

We created an identity for the Commission in line with the pre-existing City Growth Commission
We worked with the RSA to produce information graphics that best highlighted aspects of the data they wished to address. This example shows daily commuting patterns between major North West and Yorkshire city regions.

William Joseph did a terrific job in not only producing a range of fantastic looking outputs, but also in understanding and expertly applying the vision we had for our project.

Atif Shafique, Lead Researcher, Inclusive Growth Commission

As well as a print version, the RSA also circulate all their material online, both on their own site and the Medium publishing platform.

We built the location-based infographics as interactive maps in CARTO. This allowed the RSA to embed the maps directly into their online articles, allowing users to further engage with the data.

The end products were unique and bespoke, hitting our brief perfectly – it was clear there was a great deal of thought and effort that went into the work.

Atif Shafique, Lead Researcher, Inclusive Growth Commission