Creating the launch identity for this organisation creating a new generation of leaders to deliver the best in education to the children who need it most.

What we did

  • Identity
  • Design guidelines

Half of UK teachers say they don’t have the tools to support issues of extreme behaviour and mental health. Children with a mental health need are 10 times more likely to be excluded.

The Difference was created to initiate a two year programme of on-the-job training and study at Master’s level, to create specialists in addressing these issues. The aim is to then reintroduce this pool of specialist talent back into the mainstream system, to cascade their knowledge and drive inclusive policy and practice in the school system.

We created a simple logo and visual identity system to help launch the initiative – providing a balance of visual distinction whilst being simple enough for The Difference to apply in-house.

The bespoke design of the lettering and ‘ff’ ligature allows The Difference to have an ownable mark without the need for an icon or pictorial element

A number of reusable graphic elements are combined to create the visual identity:

  • The idea of ‘turning the page’ is used to illustrate change
  • Photography is introduced behind the fold, to ‘see the difference being made’
  • A complementary dot pattern aids the feeling of depth while retaining a graphic look
  • The stencil nature of the wordmark allows it to then be ‘stamped’ out of the page turn

William Joseph did a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the difference we’re trying to make. Despite a really tight timeline, the team created an exciting logo and visual identity that we’re very proud of. This meant we could launch the initiative with the momentum it needs, to drive the change that’s so desperately required in our schools.

Kiran Gill, Founder, The Difference