Designing an identity for the Mathematical Institute as it moved into its new home in the Andrew Wiles Building.

What we did

  • Brand identity
  • Website
  • Print materials
  • Merchandise
  • Stationery

With Applied and Pure Mathematics moving in together under one roof, the Institute saw an opportunity to present itself to the outside world in a new way. Having previously worked with the OCCAM department within Applied Mathematics, we were asked to create this new unifying identity.

The identity makes use of Sir Roger Penrose’s P3 tiling, a pattern built from two shapes that tesselate in a never-repeating pattern. As we started work on the project, the tiling was being laid in stone outside the new building and it was immediately obvious what a strong creative concept it could be.

The tiling is simple to apply, easily adapting to different spaces.

The pattern can be dropped to the background, allowing content to be the hero.

As well as becoming a valued and respected corporate identity, the designs have proved popular with the student body. Oxford Mathematics merchandise has proved a huge hit, building a sense of belonging to a community.

Perhaps William Joseph’s greatest strength is their ability to combine creativity with their understanding of audiences, both internal and external. They push us to think.

Dyrol Lumbard, External Relations Manager, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford