Effective onboarding makes your organisation more accessible

Impact measured against UN Sustainable Development Goals

05 gender equality S 08 decent work and economic growth S 10 reduced inequalities S
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We have a step by step onboarding process that helps encourage new team members to explore our team principles and ways of working.

To further this we are designing a second version of our staff handbook that will provide a searchable set of materials that help team members find the information they need when they need it.

We aim to create a resource that supports everyone in the way that they need it in an accessible way.

Chapters include:

  • William Joseph’s Mission/Values
  • Everyone is Welcome
  • Things to Know Before you Start
  • Remote & Flexible Working Policy
  • Pay and Expenses
  • Recruitment, Training, and Development
  • IT & Security
  • Family Friendly Policies
  • Absence from Work
  • Resolving Problems
  • Health and Safety
  • How We Do Business
  • Leaving William Joseph