We want to help get decisions made about digital products, by people with more diverse perspectives.

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If this happens then the whole industry will be able to create more accessible and inclusive services.

Our sponsorship of the course is one small step in allowing more people to participate in an industry that most don’t even know exists. We want to help those that have never heard of product management to consider it as a career.

By investing time, energy and resources in the start of peoples’ careers, we think we can have the most impact. This course is even more impactful as it helps those that are already starting out, to accelerate their progress.

By doing this, we can help build confidence in situations which aren’t always as welcoming as they should be.

Rania, one of our Product Managers, helped to teach the course, William Joseph sponsored a number of places and our Junior Product Manager, Adell took part in it.


Week 1: An introduction to product roles and responsibilities

Week 2: Fundamentals of product

Week 3: Understanding the product backlog and prioritisation

Week 4: A day in the life of a PM. Guest speakers

Week 5: Influence of the business and users

Week 6: Becoming a PM, your next steps

The Pathway to Product course was a great experience and definitely exceeded all my expectations. The course content is delivered in a concise and gradual format building on all the previous material every week. The instructors Adil and Yasmin have a great balance and provide a broad perspective on the ins and outs of product management.

Pathway to Product member


  • 95% of the cohort demonstrated an increased awareness of the different stages of the product life cycle

  • 100% of our cohort now feel strongly confident in applying for product management jobs

  • Before the course only 32% could explain what a product manager does this increased to 100% of the cohort being very confident in explaining what a PM does

  • 94% of the cohort felt very confident in their understanding of what a product

  • roadmap is

  • 94% of the cohort have an increased awareness of the type of skills a PM requires

The course was excellent. The presentations each week were very professional, the course structure made sense and was really well put together. It was insightful in terms of the details of product management. The practical tips and real world examples from the course directors experiences were extremely helpful.

Pathway to Product member

What’s next?

We are continuing our sponsorship of the Muslamic Makers group. Of particular excitement are their plans for the inaugural Muslim Tech Festival that we hope to be a part of.

Muslamic Makers is a diverse community we’re proud to be part of