Having partnered with Collaborative Future in a number of initiatives, we deeply believe in their mission to make the world of work a more equal place.

Impact measured against UN Sustainable Development Goals

05 gender equality S 08 decent work and economic growth S 10 reduced inequalities S
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We formally and informally have helped to guide Collaborative Future’s positioning and communication, so that they can grow their impact and reach.

Rania, one of our product managers, sits on Collaborative Future’s advisory board, having been through one of their cohorts.

William Joseph have taught us a great deal about the value that we bring into the world of work and continue to encourage us to recognise our work and impact directly through our Advisory Board and indirectly through collaborating on recruitment. They hold themselves to high standards as an organisation and push us to do the same for ourselves and our clients.

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Following our mission to build diverse teams that thrive, we are placing a big emphasis on bridging the gap between different age groups in employment and want to ensure mental health is safeguarded for all to achieve our vision of a future of work where everyone is valued and empowered.

Prisca, Community Advocate at Collaborative Future

The key to their success is the direct, hands on approach. Where others spend thousands of pounds interviewing, researching and synthesising an idea to see whether it would work, Collaborative Future runs with it. This means that the impact starts from the first invested pound, and is strengthened with the continuous feedback, learning and improvement.

The programme has allowed me to go to more poetry and networking events because of having more time and money. On the dole, when you spend a small amount of money, you’re restricted and cannot do simple things like get into town.

4th Programme member

Their 4th programme began in September 2021, after successfully securing Government Kickstart funding. Collaborative Future focussed on Nottingham’s young creative talent, resulting in a cohort of 6 young people working with them part time. As well as collaborating on projects, the cohort could use the programme to develop their creative business idea or build up their portfolio.

Rania and Adell from William Joseph did a meet and greet with this cohort focusing on their roles and generally demystifying the normally unheard of job titles of Product Manager.

Directorship on the board of Collaborative Future allows me the opportunity to do what I can to support fellow risk-takers, who know what they want to do and not necessarily what they want to be, in finding their own fit.

Rania Nur, Collaborative Future Director and William Joseph Product Manager

What’s next?

As successful as Collaborative Future are, they are keen to grow their impact in a way that doesn’t mean they simply become a new centre of power.

They have taken the decision to share their recruitment processes and guides, rather than focus on running these processes for organisations.

Further work includes empowering people through existing networks such as the Local Trust’s Big Local programme. They empowered Local Trust to take more ownership of their influence on groups within the programme, living up to their initial mission of empowering communities to make their own choices.

Find out more about Collaborative Future’s Impact and how you can get involved: https://www.collaborativefuture.co.uk/about

This was possibly one of the best sessions I have attended in my 5+ years of being involved with Big Local. It was powerful and emotional but also challenging. I learnt a lot about myself and others that I can use to help me be braver and more confident in challenging behaviours or attitudes. It made me realise that I need to pause, consider and reflect rather than react.

Big Local participant