By building understanding we’re helping to build trust and collaboration among people.

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There are thousands of organisations that partner with the third sector. Despite the benefits of collaboration being well known within charities, it is not the standard model of working between different agencies, freelancers or consultants.

Agencies for Good wants to ensure a higher quality of work is delivered more efficiently for the most important organisations in our society by tackling this situation. We have been a part of the working group to make this happen.

By creating more opportunities for people at these companies to understand each other, we hope to grow trust between them. This in turn should increase the likelihood of shared briefs, join responses and reuse of existing tools.

We also hope to improve the accessibility of these organisations, in turn improving the diversity of those working on social sector outcomes by providing a space to learn from and support each other.



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What’s next?

Improve the diversity of the community: proactively recruiting people from backgrounds different to the majority of agencies and contractors.

Setting standards for job postings: to ensure that they are as accessible as possible.

Increase specific ways for people to connect with each other: such as in-person and remote events.

Drive more inclusivity in the working group: potentially rotating members to share the inherent power that membership of this group brings.