We have always spent time understanding our customers by building relationships with them and our team

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This year, we’ve enhanced our approach to monitoring and sharing customer satisfaction. Our Managing Director, Chris, now implements satisfaction surveys at the start, middle, and end of each project.

These surveys assess various aspects like professionalism, idea contribution, product effectiveness, and the nature of the client-partner relationship.

We also conduct ongoing satisfaction surveys for retainer clients.

The collected data allows us to set specific targets for customer satisfaction, with a focus on standardizing feedback across different client engagements and improving areas like digital skills.

Some of the questions we ask include

To what extent do you agree with this statements:

  • The WJ team ran this project in a supportive and professional manner with clear ways of working
  • The WJ team helped to shape this product by adding ideas and expertise throughout
  • The product the WJ team delivered meets our needs from our initial brief
  • The product the WJ team delivered will help us achieve our mission.
  • The product we have created together is more accessible and will allow us to reach a more diverse audience than before.
  • The project felt like a partnership rather than simple supplier / client dynamic
  • Our team have improved their capabilities in digital skills such as UX, Content Design, Agile, Product Management

We were impressed with their technical expertise and unflappable-ness. The company’s B-Corp status and ethical stance (balancing purpose and profit) is a bonus too. We would definitely recommend using William Joseph for developing digital products and services.

Client testimonial

The majority of scores are at the level that we would want them to be. Of particular note is the fact that 100% of our clients would recommend us as a partner to another organisation.

However our focus on client upskilling is critical. We want to improve scores related to this area, recognizing its importance in fostering a deeper understanding and skillset in digital domains such as UX, Content Design, Agile, and Product Management.

This improvement will not only enhance our service delivery but also empower our clients, creating a more impactful and collaborative partnership.

Having collected standardised data about satisfaction, we now want to ensure that we have specific targets across our one of project clients and those whom we have an ongoing relationship with.