By better more regularly reporting on our impact we can spot opportunities and gaps sooner

Impact measured against UN Sustainable Development Goals

01 no poverty S 02 zero hunger S 03 good health and wellbeing S 04 quality education S 05 gender equality S 06 clean water and sanitation S 07 affordable and clean energy S 08 decent work and economic growth S 09 industry innovation and infra S 10 reduced inequalities S 11 sustainable cities and communities S 12 resposible consumption and production S 13 climate action S 14 life below water S 15 life on land S 16 peace justice and strong institutions S 17 partnership for the goals S
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When we first started looking at our impact against the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - we simply did so once a year for our B Corp Impact Report. We have since developed this reporting to be in line with how we keep track of all our jobs and clients.

The intention is to allow us to change course more quickly, if we feel there is an area of the UN SDGs that we are not making an impact on.

We are also moving away from binary reporting against each SDG, and looking to better evidence the extent of our impact for each project. We are now testing a scale that includes:

0 = no impact against the goal

5 = anecdotal evidence for impact against the goal

10 = stats or user quotes that demonstrate impact against the goal


increase in impact against the UN SDGs


Our most effective strategy to flex where we have impact with our client work, has been to offer discounts to potential projects making an impact on the SDGs that we want to target.

With this information at our fingertips, we can make this choice in real time - rather than making a choice at the start of the year and being stuck with it.

As such, we have been able to achieve a more balanced impact against the full set of UN SDGs in 2022 than we could in 2023. This includes a 42% increase in the number of UN SDGs that we are doing significant work to impact.

Our UN SDG impact from 2021
The impact we’ve had this year - a 42% improvement

What’s next?

We continue to monitor and look for work that sits in areas we have not made a full impact within.

Our new business sector strategy is based around wanting to do more in Climate Action - with a major push into sustainable technology products planned for this year.

The team continues to improve how we operate as a group in tackling the UN SDGs with the way William Joseph is run.