Creating a campaign to get people to ditch pre-packaged food, for a month, for a healthier you.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Communications

Diabetes UK wanted to create a new way for supporters to raise funds for their life-saving work. Rather than just another event, they wanted to find something that brought together their health messaging with fundraising.

The result was Fakeaway Feb: a chance for people to ditch pre-packaged food for a month. Importantly, the aim was not to create another abstinence challenge, it was to help people kickstart a healthier lifestyle that’s less reliant on takeaways and pre-made food.

The team at William Joseph worked hand in hand with our in-house experts to create something that will really stand out. We’re really pleased with how the process felt like a genuine collaboration, with the end result building on everyones’ perspective while still having a strong identity of its own.

Diabetes UK

Given the breadth of the task, the creative process needed to be as agile and iterative as the campaign itself. Starting with top-level route sketches, a variety of creative concepts were mocked up and tested with Diabetes UK supporters.

Initial ideas for the creative routes: healthy lifestyle; community; creativity

A healthy journey that shows what living with diabetes is like

The messaging which resonated the most focused on the campaign as a health journey which supporters could experience together with others. This was particularly important for those with diabetes – they liked the idea that people could see what their life is like, having to constantly make choices about their diet, weighing up convenience and health.

Creating a flexible message

The messaging and creative would need to change depending on the campaign phase and its objectives. The recruitment stage focuses on the journey towards a healthy lifestyle, while once people are successfully signed up, the messaging becomes about enjoying healthier food together.

Making food photography stand out

Imagery is crucial to any campaign related to food. Our Instagram feeds are filled with idyllic looking dishes so to stand out is a challenge. We chose to show people interacting with food as much as possible – rather than meals just sitting in isolation. Graphic elements layered into the photographs formed the backbone of the identity.

Helping a new brand to grow

The in-house team at Diabetes UK have recently refreshed the graphic identity of the charity. There has been a huge amount of work invested in creating something that feels fresh but true to their personality and character.

The Fakeaway Feb project began while this identity refresh was still ongoing – in particular the illustration style was yet to be fully developed. We worked closely with the team at Diabetes UK to ensure that the campaign we were developing complemented their brand identity, rather than clashing with it.