A friendly and colourful twist on the Ashden identity helped bring this sub-brand to life.

What we did

  • Identity
  • Website

The LESS CO2 sustainable schools programme is a free energy efficiency programme available to any UK school, created by Ashden.

Through a series of half-day workshops spread through the year, peer mentoring, expert advice and resources, staff are empowered and equipped to make changes and improvements to their school to reduce their energy usage, save money on bills and lower their CO2 emissions.

Ashden asked us to create a sub-brand and microsite that felt like part of the core brand family, but was more tightly aimed at the schools audience.


Ashden – Unit Slab
LESS CO2 – Unit Rounded

By developing the programme website parallel to the main Ashden site redesign, we were able to streamline the process through the use of shared design patterns and assets.

Differentiation from the main Ashden brand identity was achieved through the use of a rounded version of the Unit font, warm and friendly illustration style, and a complementary colour palette.

Sign-ups have doubled since the website launched, as well as allowing the programme to engage with parts of the UK that were previously out of reach.

The LESS CO2 website and branding really speaks to the school management staff, teachers and local government audiences that are crucial to our success. The dedicated website has also significantly improved the process of signing up for both our users and the team internally.

Alex Green, LESS CO2 Programme Manager, Ashden