The UKCGE exists to promote the needs of the UK’s postgraduate students and researchers.

Impact measured against UN Sustainable Development Goals

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The UKCGE is the third-largest representative body of its kind in the world, representing 92% of all UK postgraduate research provision and 85% of all UK postgraduate taught provision.

They champion and enhance postgraduate education and research by enabling collective leadership on the development of postgraduate affairs across UK HEIs, research agencies and funding bodies.

As a result, their website speaks to a range of audiences with a broad set of needs. From booking into an event to researching a detailed paper on the societal benefits of postgraduate research, all users need to get to what they’re looking for as quickly as possible.

The rigorously tested information architecture allows people to complete their tasks as quickly as possible. By taking information out of PDFs and creating inclusive data formats, we have been able to increase access to all of the Council’s valuable information.

I’m so impressed by the whole ethos of your company, it’s really driven by personal relationships and that comes through across the board.

Dr Owen Gower, Director, UKCGE

Consolidated resource library

A single list of resources, easily filtered by terms that people actually use, has simplified what used to be several confusing and complicated sections of the site.

By helping people find what they need quicker, UKCGE members are more likely to make the most of their membership.

Accessible event pages

UKCGE run detailed, complicated events. Previously the information about each session was held in inaccessible PDFs.

By creating flexible, easy to edit templates they can now house this information in significantly more accessible formats. This allows more people to make use of the valuable content on offer.

Easy to use, accessible data visualisation

UKCGE hold significant amounts of data about the postgraduate industry. Much of this needs to be publicly available to help meet the needs of their key audiences.

Simple blocks that can be used anywhere on the site, enable them to integrate this data into a wide range of materials and content.

By creating the charts in HTML5 it renders them totally accessible for a variety of assistive technologies.