Giving parents a voice, to ensure that local, regional and national educational policy is built around parental participation.

What we did

  • Website design and build

Impact measured against UN Sustainable Development Goals

04 quality education S 10 reduced inequalities S
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Parentkind are a one-of-a-kind organisation. Their members are the groups of parents who want to be closer to their children’s education. Parentkind believe parents should not only have a local role and a voice at their child’s school but also at a national level in education policy.

Over the pandemic, Parentkind’s digital portfolio became their main channel to engage with and manage their membership. By creating a user-focused suite of products, we have increased recruitment and retention across the organisation.

By bringing together different parts of the organisation, we delivered a technically complex project build while allowing a wide range of perspectives to contribute. This means the finished product is something everyone understands and believes in, allowing a more robust and long-term set of capabilities.

Increased event sign-ups, improved membership satisfaction and wider distribution of content have all been achieved through this partnership.

In contrast to our last ‘new’ website, William Joseph are listening to what we want, rather than telling us what we are going to get.

Clare Jenner, Membership Services Manager, Parentkind

The PTA experts

The Parentkind membership product delivers advice, content and resources to their most important audience. Through a centralised hub, members are able to view the latest advice and guidance, as well as manage their associations.

Salesforce integration

The ability to sign up and manage both their own and their colleagues’ membership is a key reason for Parentkind members to use the website.

This digital membership system fully integrates with the charity’s Salesforce instance, ensuring changes made in either system are reflected in the other, creating an easier, more efficient membership service.

A seamless membership sign up journey

Creating a more efficient membership registration journey was a key justification for Parentkind’s investment in a new website.

By co-designing the experience and rigorously testing each stage, we created an inclusive and effective sign-up journey.

Adverts that stand out without getting in the way

A significant proportion of Parentkind’s income from the website is delivered through partners that advertise to their members.

Working with Parentkind’s marketing team, we designed a suite of placements that stood out to their members but didn’t get in the way of their primary goals on the website.

An events portfolio for all

Their extensive events portfolio is a key way that Parentkind supports their members to become more successful PTAs.

More people find the right event for them and book tickets with ease through user-tested filters and tags.

The team at William Joseph has been a pleasure to work with since we launched our new website last year. They feel like part of our organisation, are happy to challenge us and help us think out of the box. Also, their expertise and knowledge of UX, accessibility and user journeys have been very valuable.

Jason King, Parentkind