We created a flexible identity system of connecting blocks that reflects how the department helps students to build their careers.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Communications

We were asked by King’s Careers & Employability to help bring their vast array of communications under the same identity, as their audiences would often not recognise the wide range of initiatives and services that were coming from the same department. We worked with them to design a flexible, easy to use and consistent identity system that works within the King’s master brand and will help raise their profile to students, staff and industry.

First we created a positioning statement to clarify and strengthen their core mission.
The foundation of the identity is a system of coloured blocks that build and fit together. We created a comprehensive set of guidelines to help the department take the identity in-house and create their own materials quickly and consistently.
We drew up a communications guide to help everyone at Careers & Employability take ownership of their new identity. Plotting the ways in which their messaging corresponded with the range of visual executions proved invaluable; helping both of us keep consistency in messaging and design of initial roll-out materials.

The new identity looks absolutely terrific, particularly now we are beginning to roll it out across multiple formats and products, and adapt and apply it to our different uses.

Kate Daubney, Head of King’s Careers & Employability


Within the Careers & Employability department, there were two key sub-identities for the Internship and Experience schemes. By limiting the colour palette for each, and specifying the way the block identity should be used, we created two clearly identifiable strands that sit coherently within the overall identity.

King’s Internships uses the blocks to show ‘slotting in’ ‘finding your place’ within an organisation
The King’s Experience sub-identity uses the blocks to illustrate positive additions to students’ time at the university

The identity is utterly distinctive and completely adaptable, and I really appreciate the time and care that William Joseph took over helping us realise what it is we wanted to achieve.

Kate Daubney, Head of King’s Careers & Employability