Designing an identity system to reflect collaboration, exploration and discovery at the cutting-edge of Natural & Mathematical Sciences.

What we did

  • Brand strategy
  • Visual identity
  • Design guidelines

King’s faculty of Natural & Mathematical Sciences’ internationally-renowned scientists are working across traditional subject boundaries, leading cutting-edge research, tackling global challenges and answering fundamental questions about our universe.

We worked with them to create a visual identity which drew together the Chemistry, Informatics, Mathematics and Physics departments within the umbrella of the overall faculty in a way which emphasised both their departmental cross-collaboration and the pioneering work they do.


We ran a workshop with representatives of the various stakeholders within the faculty, including students, marketing managers and professors.

Getting everyone together to gather information and gauge opinion about the faculty’s values and goals led us to create a proposition statement – boiling down their personality and mission into something everyone could agree with and get behind.

Creating a system

We created a colour-coded system to identify departments as part of the larger faculty – whilst still having enough flexibility to illustrate individual courses and disciplines. A forward-looking slash device was also designed to give a sense of cutting-edge progress which could variously be used with photography, as a background graphic or as a way to brand the larger faculty throughout departmental communications.

Using the slash device to emphasise cross-departmental collaboration, combined with reportage photography and more detail-led scientific imagery, the overall system draws together to form a cohesive identity.


As part of the deliverables we created a set of guidelines detailing a layout grid and the colour-coding system, ensuring that the identity for the Natural & Mathematical Sciences faculty was properly rolled-out and consistent with the broader King’s master brand.